Cars And Truck Business React To Decline In Sports Car Sales


The US market is unique for several different reasons, and there�s a lot of makes and models that don�t sell nearly as well in the US as they do overseas in the European and Asian markets. One of those models is that hatchback. For whatever reason, American drivers prefer sedans to hatchbacks and sedans themselves are a dwindling market. For the past decade or some, sedans have been losing ground to smaller sized crossover SUVs which are bigger, tougher, and more versatile vehicles than either sedans or hatchbacks. So in America, bigger is often considered better.

However, Americans are also practical, and one area in which hatchbacks have the market cornered is practicality. �Almost every hatchback is going to allow you to fold down the seats to increase cargo space,� says one car and driver analyst from St. Louis. �The Mazda 3 Hatchback, which continues to be one of the most popular hatchbacks in the US, has around 43 cubic feet of cargo space when the seats are down, which is around the same amount of space as smaller SUVs.�

On top of that, he believes that hatchbacks typically look sleeker and more unique than do sedans. �One of the issues in the sedan market is that many of the sedans look interchangeable. You can�t really tell one apart from the other. Some folks like the unique design of the hatchbacks.�

�Another thing that a lot of folks aren�t considering is resale value. Hatchbacks perform very well in this area. After 3 years of driving, a hatchback can expect to retain 58% of its original price tag, whereas the standard industry value is around 35%. That�s pretty impressive for a resale value.�

�Popular hatchbacks like the Mazda3 are going to offer you versatility in terms of space, a better resale value, a bit of style, and there�s also going to be get more info some models that are only offered as hatchbacks, so it�s worth looking into.�

For some drivers, however, there�s one major downside. There�s no real trunk. As opposed to a trunk, hatchbacks have the cargo space as part of the cabin, which makes the vehicle more spacious, but lacks privacy. For those that like to leave things in their trunk, it could be a tempting target for thieves who can basically see into the car.

Another major issue? They kind of resemble station wagons.

�Station wagons are the mullet of the car industry. Not only are they out of style, most folks can�t imagine why they ever came into style in the first place. Others like the fact that there�s a sleeker design, but the resemblance to station wagons is a hurdle for hatchbacks to overcome.�

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